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War Secrets

These are my TOP 10 war secrets that I live by in creating a healthy and safe sleep environment for children.

  1. Black Out Curtains – Keep it dark for both naps and bedtime!
  2. Sound Machine – Keep white noise on for naps, bedtime and throughout the night.
  3. Put Down Drowsy, but Awake – Easier said than done, but it will really help your baby learn to sleep independently.
  4. No Nightlights, unless you’re clumsy like me.  Even a little light can suppress melatonin (sleep hormone).
  5. Sleep Sack or Swaddle – These items will help keep your child warm and cozy.
  6. Keep your child’s room temperature between 20-22 degrees.  You do not want it too hot or too cold for them!
  7. Watch Their Sleepy Cues – Ensure you are not putting your child down when they are overtired.  This is a major culprit to poor, fragmented sleep.
  8. Do Not Intervene To Quickly – Waiting a couple of minutes before going to pick your child up from their sleep space as they may fall back to sleep.
  9. Safe Sleep – All you need is a crib, mattress and crib sheet – You do not require bumpers, blankets, toys in your child’s crib until 12 months of age.
  10. Practice those new skills!  If your child is now rolling, walking, or crawling etc., these new skills may be waking them up.  Start to encourage your child to practice their new found skills in the day and they will practice less when they should be sleeping.
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