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About Me

As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and a mother of two, I cannot begin to explain the passion that I have for working with families from all over the world to create healthy sleep solutions for their child. I have the opportunity to share my own sleep Conditioning experiences and educate others on sleep methods and techniques that are guaranteed to help improve the quality of sleep in children.  For the sleep deprived parents, I’m here to help you!  When your child is sleeping, you will too!

Fatigue, anxiety, doubt and distress are just some of the emotions parent’s go through when their child is suffering from poor sleep habits.  It can be both mentally and physically exhausting when trying to solve sleep troubles for your child on your own. I am happy to say that my knowledge, education and experience allow me to successfully coach parents through the process of creating good sleep habits for their children.

My Story

One of the most beautiful and memorable moments in my life was when my first child was born and I became a mom! I was extremely excited to care and nurture my child and raise him as best as I could.  While I was pregnant with my first, I was often reminded by my family and friends that my sleeping days were coming to an end and that I should enjoy each and every moment before my child was born. Fast forward a couple of months and before I knew it my son was born! I was so in love and I could not believe how something so precious was mine forever.

Within a few months, I was feeling exhausted as I was unable to get one night of restful sleep.  I was up every 3 hours throughout the night and started my day at 5:30 AM, 7 days a week.

We did some research online to find ways to get my son to sleep more throughout the day and night, but I was overwhelmed and confused with the amount of information that was available online.  Out of desperation, I tried a handful of sleeping techniques, but I was not successful.  It was at 8 months when I finally came to my senses and took the advice of a great friend who walked me through the entire sleep conditioning process and referred me to a Sleep Consultant.  After a few nights of implementing the sleep plan, I was able to effortlessly put my son down to sleep at 7:30 PM in his crib.  No rocking, no pacifier… just a kiss on the forehead and a quick “goodnight”.  My son slept for 12 hours straight!  When my son slept, I slept and that gave me a whole new perspective on being a mother!

Fast-forward 2 years… my beautiful daughter was born. She slept great during the day, but woke up constantly throughout the night. I was not going to wait 8 months to create good sleep habits with her as I did with my son.  It was a challenge to care for both my son and my newborn daughter at the time as I found myself sleep deprived once again.  Like all mom’s, I wanted to be the best and I was not going to let sleep get in the way.  When my daughter turned 3 months old, I contacted my sleep consultant for guidance.  She explained that it was never too early to create good sleep habits for my daughter and we implemented gentle sleep techniques to improve her sleep patterns. Upon implementing the sleep techniques provided by my sleep consultant, I was surprised to see how fast my daughter was able to change her sleep pattern in just 3 days.  By 6 months, I was able to instill a sleep conditioning plan for my daughter and since then she has been sleeping great!

We understand the significance of having a restful sleep not only for you, but for your child as well.  If your child is happy, you’re happy. After implementing a sleep plan with my own children, I began helping families in create sleep solutions for their chirldren.  I was overwhelmed with the gratitude and appreciation I received from family members and friends for offering them advice in regards to sleep conditioning.  It was rewarding to see the difference I was making. The amount of support and motivation I received, encouraged me to begin a career as Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

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