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We Got This


Applicable to all ages under 5 years of age The “We Got This” package is great for families who require additional support and coaching throughout the sleep training process. This package differs from that of package #1 as this package offers 3 weeks of unlimited email and text message support.  If you need help breaking unwanted sleep habits or creating a daytime and nighttime schedule for your child, this package is ideal.



Package 2 – $697 (unlimited three week package) VIRTUAL

Initial Questionnaire
Complete assessment of your child’s sleep
Sleep plan customized to your child’s needs
3 weeks of unlimited email and text message support
160 minutes of follow up phone calls
Bumps in the Road survival guide

This package includes three weeks of unlimited support through email and text messaging and up to 120 minutes of call time together.  We will work together in creating good sleep habits for your child and discussing what’s to come down the road.

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