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Many articles have been published on the effects of sleep for newborns, infants, and toddlers.  It can be quite overwhelming for parents to read articles specifically related to Sleep Training, as there is often claims made that Sleep Training is harmful.  Prior to starting my certificate program, I was one of those mothers that was hesitant and cautious of sleep training my first born, but as I became more and more sleep deprived I reached out to my son’s Pediatrician and took her advice that Sleep Training was definitely a wise decision.  It was around the same time that one of my dear friends referred me to a Sleep Consultant and supported me throughout the entire process.  The changes we made in our child’s sleep habits positively affected me and my entire family.  I began to refer my friends and family members to the same Sleep Consultant and the gratitude I received was heartwarming.  I felt a great sense of satisfaction helping other families connect with my Sleep Consultant, especially upon hearing the impact she made on their life as well.  Due to the sense of satisfaction I got for helping others, I decided that I would take the path of becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant.   It was not long after I completed the certificate program that I could see how much of a difference I was making in the lives of other families.  I am truly humbled by the responses and feedback  I receive!

Now, to answer the question you might be asking yourself…is sleep training safe? Yes, it is safe!  There are many benefits to Sleep Training.  Let me go over a few with you.

  • Studies have been published stating that babies that are sleep trained have lower stress levels as do their mothers
  • Babies who are sleep trained have no emotional or behavioural problems
  • Multiple studies show improvement in quality of sleep for baby and reduced depression in mothers
  • Sleep training methods help Infants learn to self sooth and sleep independently
  • When enforcing a bedtime, children are likely to meet required sleep guidelines, which benefit their health and wellbeing
  • Sleep is essential for growth and development
  • Allowing your babies to cry does not cause emotional, mental or attachment issues

The points mentioned above come from research and studies done by medical professionals from all over the world.


I am extremely joyful to be in a position to coach parents in creating a sleep schedule that is proven to have their child sleeping longer throughout the night – Up to 12 full hours on average depending on age!

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